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Connecting Soul and Spirit

My work is cutting edge and supports new earth energies and evolutionary systems that are just coming into being.

I’m Rachel Goodwin, a Channel and Healer who Loves to Teach and Empower Others.

I’m passionate about how we can bring the spiritual into our everyday life and I have learnt that to constantly mix the two together creates a soulful life! I have loads of free channeled info on YouTube and Ascension teachings on Patreon

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Ascended Master Sarah is a powerful ally to assists us in our ascension process as we walk our path into the New Age of Aquarius – her energy acts as a catalyst for evolutionary change!!

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Rachel Goodwin Channel and Healer
Ascended Master Sarah

Spiritual Helpers

My spiritual helpers are diverse, from Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene, to Freja, a norse goddess, to spirits of stones and of nature – to Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano and lava flow (and many more in between.) They are the spirits that have come and talked to me, sometimes with words, sometimes more directly and I have listened, moved by their incredible energies.

My work with Sarah includes sharing her teachings and practices and helping others understand why she is calling them. My work is also to ground and birth her light on the earth, an evolutionary process which is happening right now.


I live in the town of Roskilde, Denmark, full of natural springs; it’s a sacred place and I offer guided tours, individually and in groups to connect to these very special energies – as well as a guide I’ve written. You can see more by looking at the Facebook page I have for the Sacred Springs.

My Sacred Roskilde work and my work with Sarah are linked, as together they are bringing in new changes.

I am also a student of Seidr, (pronounced ‘say-the’ and loosely translated as nordic shamanism) and you can see more about that here.


Sacred Roskilde

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Ascended Master Sarah Facebook Page

Catch up with the latest Sarah channellings and news.

Sacred Springs of Roskilde Facebook Page

Roskilde is built on holy ground & was once a place of pilgrimage with many people coming to visit the sacred springs for healing & prayer.

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