Ascended Master Sarah

An ascended master teacher for the Age of Aquarius and she energetically holds the evolutionary blueprint for humanity.

I am a Channel for the Ascended Master Sarah, Daughter of the Magdalene and the Master Jesus.

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You can receive attunements to her unique energy and learn how to apply her wisdom teachings to your own life. She teaches us simple practices that we can use in our daily life with profound results.

Sarah steps forward now to walk by our side as we learn how to come into our own mastery.

Can you hear her call?!

Blessing Picture

This is a print (3.5inches by 5.5/9cm by 14) of the beautiful oil painting of the Ascended Master Sarah painted by the visionary artist Cheryl Yambrach Rose. I will energetically channel Sarah’s energy for you into the print, and bring through a blessing as a channeled inspirational message from Sarah.

Ascended Master Sarah

Ascended Master Sarah Video

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Sarah's Sacred Circle Facebook Group

”people will be coming into a community, a sacred circle with me, where they can experience my light, my love, my energy. In this place they can receive wisdom, illumination, support and healing.” – Ascended Master Sarah

Sarah’s circle is a closed group, where you can learn more about her energies!

Ascended Master Sarah Facebook Page

Catch up with the latest Sarah channellings and news.

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