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8 Things You Didn’t Know about Mary Magdalene’s Daughter

Aug 11, 2018 | Ascended Master Sarah

Many of us have read stories about Mary Magdalene and Jesus having a child, but it wasn’t something I was much interested in until I suddenly found myself involved one day! I was doing a workshop working with sacred Hawaiian energies & I had opened up to do a channeling for the group expecting one of the Hawaiian deities to come through but instead, it was Sarah!

Welcome sisters, I am one of the lady ascended masters, and my name is Sarah. I was daughter to Mary Magdalene, who also encapsulated the love energy that is present here tonight. Ascended Master Sarah.

I loved that she introduced herself to me as Mary Magdalene’s child maybe because the divine feminine is an energy that I love so much and have become so connected to but was completely missing in my childhood. It meant a lot to me that she honoured her mother in this way, I feel so much pride and love from Sarah in those words, I was daughter to Mary Magdalene as Mary has been so hidden from the story of the Master Jesus, hidden, lost and cast aside, and these words put the Magdalene centre stage again, where she belongs!

That first channeling was many years ago now, and Sarah has come to be in my everyday life in a way I could never have imagined. She represents the next step for humanity, and it’s a challenging path that is taking us into new territory but Sarah can help us move forward on this path. I’ve learnt a lot from her along the way, and there are still many things waiting to be discovered!! Here are some of the things so far that I feel have come to feel represent Sarah’s energy and work:

8 Things That I Have Come to Feel Represent Sarah’s Energy

1. Sarah Is a Child of the Sacred Marriage

The divine masculine (Master Jesus) and the divine feminine (Mary Magdalene) have come together to create a third energy (Sarah), who is created by the two forces and has then become something greater even than the sum of its parts this is the energy of oneness.

8 Things You Didn't Know about Mary Magdalene's Daughter

2. Sarah Holds the Energy of Oneness

In her, there is no separation. This energy is an ancient one and goes back to a time where we were still in oneness even though we see her as the child of the master Jesus (divine masculine) and Mary Magdalene (divine feminine), the archetypal energy she represents is actually more ancient than either the divine masculine or feminine in the history of manifest creation. This is because the oneness existed before polarity. This energy of oneness brings everything else into the oneness that it comes in contact with. When we start working with Sarah’s energy then, we automatically step onto a path of coming into oneness with our higher selves.

Oneness Meditation

3. Sarah Is an Ascended Master for the Age of Aquarius

She is a newly ascended master whose work is starting now and so she is not yet widely known. Her work is very connected to the new earth grid and moving into the 5th dimension. She can help us connect to the seeds of healing that are held within the energy matrix of humanity, (and therefore each one of us), and contains all the solutions and healing needed for all of the wounds and challenges present on the earth as it is today.

8 Things You Didn't Know about Mary Magdalene's Daughter

4. Sarah Walks by Our Side

She is here for us and she does this as mentor and teacher. She has come to help us remember who we truly are! All we have to do is ask! Part of this learning is for us to move into our own mastery so we are going beyond having guides in the traditional sense. Sarah supports us in finding our own solutions, as we learn how to integrate with our Higher Self, and become one with our divine spark. She doesn’t lead the way that’s our job now!

Holding Hands at Dawn

5. Sarah Connects Directly to Our DNA

Every time you connect with my presence, I bring you more into alignment with your own truth. My presence soaks into your very being, altering even the cells and DNA within you. I am that which makes you more of yourself, which is the essence of your soul.

8 Things You Didn't Know about Mary Magdalene's Daughter

6. Sarah Can Help Us As Lightworkers Move Further along on Our Evolutionary and Spiritual Path

Just calling in her energy has a catalytic effect on our healing process. Whatever we are separated from, in her presence, starts to integrate with our core being. We, of course, have to be part of this process, doing the work needed to integrate the lessons and teachings.

Book of Wisdom

7. Sarah Has a Body of Teachings and Spiritual Practices Which Help Us Come into Alignment with Our Higher Self

As we practice these teachings, the catalytic effect of Sarah’s energy brings about profound healings in ourselves.

Dew on Seeds of Light

8. Sarah Is Here for All of Us, Whatever Our Spirituality

She encompasses all faiths, all religions, all spiritualities, barring no one, no creed; we are all children of the Divine, whatever faith or religion we hold & Sarah also is there for all of us, Blessed Be.

Green Earth Held in the Hand

Want to know more about Sarah? See Rachel’s online courses. Rachel Goodwin is a new earth teacher healer channeling Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene, & is working with an ascension grid in the town where she lives, Roskilde in Denmark.

You are free to copy, distribute and display the material presented here, as long as you give the author credit, & do not alter the work in any way without permission from the copyright holder.

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