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Ascended Master Sarah’s 12 Step Program to Embodied Ascension

Jan 8, 2019 | Ascended Master Sarah

Sarah has given me a 12 step program to Embodied Ascension!! Each step includes channeled teachings from Sarah, an attunement, and power-tools so that you can bring in the full power of the work!! You can start Sarah’s Ascension Pathway at any time, and from any point in the program…

By following the 12 steps that Sarah gives us, we can experience a rebirth of our energy bodies!!

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Step 1

Healing of the Ancestors through grace

The time is now to come into ease & flow with the ancestors a state of grace, and the year starts with us making preparations in our individual family lives. The ancestors have lent you (passed on) their powers that now reside in you. You only have to heal your layer (and not the whole of the ancestral line!), and by coming into grace with the ancestors, you accept your humanity (and imperfections). Through divine grace, we are enabled to let go of generations-old family patterns. All is well!!!

Step 2

Understanding we are the earth with courage

It takes courage to see the earth as it is; to accept the difficulties that we face right now, and take responsibility for them without feeling crushed. Also to understand that our physical bodies are made of the earth; what we do to the earth we do to ourselves. But humanity as a whole exists as one matrix, and you are just one part of that & yet you are a light that shines brightly! Hold firm in your faith that your work leads to healing, & the greater good! Now is the time for the healing of the (damage done to) the earth (by us). In preparation, we are enabled to fully ground ourSelves in this reality and on the earth as we begin our work in earnest, with hope in our hearts and our eyes firmly on the goal ahead. YOU ARE READY!!

Step 3

Being purified through our daily life!

This is the time to look at your daily life because the keys and answers to the healing you seek are all held there! This is the richest source of learning that you can get! You are enabled to discover how to take your problems with joy and use them as your greatest teachers!! Now is the time to transform the outer life with your access to your inner high dimensional self!

Step 4

Inspiration through Sarah’s flame

Sarah’s flame (flame of divinity) has an etheric counterpart at one of the ancient temples in Malta. In the teachings, you will be given a meditation to connect to this flame, that will not only light up your own energy matrix with inspiration, but you will also be able to send it out into the new earth grid. You are ready for a higher energy download from the divine, for the manifestations which you are to create in your own life!

Step 5

Emerging through the Hrit Padma

The Hrit Padma (sacred lotus of the heart) is an energetic gateway to your divine spark, and is a place where your humanity, divinity (and the interface of the soul) can all meet, 3 in one! You are coming into a time now where these 3 aspects of yourself can emerge with ease and grace, each occupying their rightful space in harmony and balance, and then facilitating that ease and grace into your life. You will receive an invitation that will facilitate you stepping into the power of your light body.

Step 6

Acceptance of the self as Sarah’s (energy) integrates

Sarah integrates, this is her power, she holds (magnetises) everything together that has been apart. After your initiation then, you are closer to the coming together with your divine self and this means that you must deal with the parts of yourself that have now become revealed to you! Through the transmissions and teachings, there can be an acceptance of that which has been held at bay and split off because of pain and difficulty. It is time for the healing to occur!

Step 7

Taking sanctuary and the New Earth Grid

As we learn how to access our inner divinity, it’s time for us to plug into a new energy source in our outer lives. There is a new grid on the earth, and when we have come to the right place in our inner work, we can connect to this and gain a new source of energy from out there that better fits our needs and vibration. Through transmissions and teachings, your energy body is encoded to the new resonance.

Step 8

The new adventure is created from the Holy Grail

Now we can fully come into Sarah’s embrace with the energy of the chalice (this months transmission), and watch as the new adventure starts to manifest itself. We receive teachings on how to look to ourselves to see what this new path is calling us towards, and which direction we want to go in.

Step 9

Fulfilment & Sarah’s flame

Here we receive teachings on how to receive Sarah’s flame into our lives, so that it brings forth joy & fulfilment, & so we can learn how to receive. We experience the energy of the flame of divinity which is overseen by the great angel Saraniel, which allows us to call forth hope, for ourselves & our loved ones & places in need.

Step 10

Being love and transforming our energy body matrix

This is a question of resonance coming into sympathetic alignment with the divine’s vibration of love. Sarah will give a direct transmission to those who are receiving the attunements. We will also call on Sarah’s angels to assist us in this immersion into the divine’s vibration of love & they will facilitate this transformational shift of our energy body matrix.

Step 11

The simplicity of the heart’s desires

It’s all seemed quite complicated the process of getting to this place. But now that we’re here, it’s all been about bringing us to a place where we can finally do what Mary Magdalene came to teach us! And that was to simply and easily connect to our truest hearts desires. This is where alignment to the divine vibration of love has led us, and the simplicity of this teaching belies its ability to teach us how to manifest heaven on earth.

Step 12

The voyage continues as we learn to heal the damage to the oceans and seas

As we reach the 12th step, we experience the Oneness with the World Soul. We can influence the world around us, and create earth healing magic for the Highest Good of the Earth, and the benefit of all beings. We put into practice what we have learnt &  receive teachings from Sarah of how we can work with her angels to start cleaning up the etheric waste in the earth’s oceans and seas.

We have come to a place of strength and mastery in our lives, and are ready! The oceans and seas are carrying a huge weight of mankind’s energetic emotional waste, and this is the next step on the path of activating earth’s ascension and our own.


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