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Sarah’s Violet Flame – How To Live 5th Dimensionally in a 3D World

Mar 6, 2021 | Ascended Master Sarah

The Violet Flame is one of the most useful things you can have in your Spiritual Toolbox!

The Violet Flame clears and cleanses negative and inappropriate energies – All That Is No Longer Needed!!!

Healers/lightworkers/sensitives etc all carry a different vibration of the Violet Flame within themselves as do the Ascended Masters…

“Sarah has her own vibration of violet flame which you can call on. It is the essence of evolutionary change for the Age of Aquarius and will help your process happen ‘under grace and in perfect ways’ to its greatest potential. It will help you dissolve any resistance you have to creating what you want in your life, & also help you become conscious of those issues during the healing process. It will also help you to create that which is in accordance with the Divine Will and in vibrational alignment with the Age of Aquarius.”


St. Germaine and Lady Portia are the overall keepers of the Violet Flame. Archangel Tzadkiel is the Angel of the Violet Flame. You can also call on the Angels of the Violet Flame to help you…

Many times when things are blocked, you don’t need bring new energies in – but just clear what is in the way with the Violet Flame, so that the good can come in!!!!!

In this article, I’ll show you why Sarah’s Lilac Violet Flame can help you and how you can use this energy!!

It’s not easy living in a 3D world!

Right now many of us are struggling with how to live in a 3D world while we bring through and hold the energy of 5D inside ourselves. (5D is referring to a 5th spiritual dimension that describes a higher state of consciousness and expanded awareness.)

The family systems we live within, the society/ towns/ workplaces/ schools we are living in, all have challenging energies, and can make us feel like we are being pulled apart.

The more time goes on, the more the gap can seem to widen, resulting in our ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ life becoming further apart… It’s also harder and harder to tolerate incompatibilities between 3D & 5D as it creates an inner tension inside ourselves.

We are working within systems where it’s difficult or impossible to live out our inner truth and values and be ‘ourselves’… which can manifest as stress, anxiety and depression, and makes Ascension symptoms worse (if you’re not sure what these are, just google them, there’s lots of info around.)

We can shift more easily from 3D to 5D

I have worked intensely with Sarah to learn how we can shift more easily from 3D to 5D.

As the daughter of the Magdalene (Divine Feminine) and Yeshua (Divine Masculine), Sar’h holds the energy of Oneness, so she can be in any dimension she pleases! This also means she can teach us how ‘to dance’ in between the vibrational spheres and dimensional realms!! But as an Ascended Master For Our Time, giving us powerful tools to dance lightly through these challenging times is one of Sarah’s roles, and she has given us many!!

Sarah’s Net Of Light Meditation

One of these is the ‘Net of Light’ meditation, which creates energy integrity around all of our energy bodies/aura. For many of us, the energy downloads and rapid transformational growth that we experience can cause problems with ‘holding it all together’ energetically! In the ‘Net of Light’ meditation, Sarah lends us her support in keeping our energy integrity, so we can ‘hold it all together’, even through times that would otherwise put a lot of strain on us.

Sarah's Violet Flame - How To Live 5th Dimensionally in a 3D World

Sarah’s Violet Flame helps with our daily lives!

And Sarah’s violet flame gives us so many ways to help with our daily lives!! I have been a ‘violet flame junkie’ since the very start of my spiritual journey. Before I ever did anything ‘spiritual’, I sat every day FOR 2 YEARS and did a violet flame meditation through all of my energy bodies and physical self, without actually knowing why – I was just compelled to do it.

I first came across this practice from the Aetherius Society in London when I went on a weekend intro course to learn hands-on healing – but the violet flame crops up over and over again in different esoteric teachings, and I’ve even had a spontaneous past life memory of being a priest of the Violet Robe in Atlantis when the fields were failing and everything was collapsing!

The violet flame is known as a tool to transform and transmute ‘negative and inappropriate’ energies. It brings an end to all that is no longer needed, and makes way for the new by freeing up the energy to be used for something better and more in alignment with your Higher Self/Soul’s wishes!

Sarah has her own Lilac Violet Flame!

Sarah has her own vibration of violet flame which you can call on!!

Many of the Ascended Masters have their own particular vibration of the violet flame, that suits their specific purpose and goals, and when I started working with Sarah’s Violet Flame using crystal matrices – OMG this led to a stepping up of the energies!!

When I worked with Sarah’s violet flame, I found that it transforms the heavy energy patterns of 3D into a much lighter and divine-filled 5D! It creates an energy matrix around us that allows us to shift away from that well-trodden path of 3D and operate instead from the lighter and much happier track in the 5D groove!!

Sarah Violet Flame Logo

How do you harness the power of Sarah’s Violet Flame?!

And how do you connect with it? Here is a quick 3 step process. (Keep in mind, the more you connect with Sarah and her Violet Flame, the more you will feel her support and healing).

  1. Create a quiet space where you can sit and be undisturbed. Light a candle or have a special crystal/plant/flowers/picture etc.
  2. Ask Sarah’s Violet Flame to surround you, imagine a beautiful lilac colour all around you, and breathe it into your body.
  3. Write down on a piece of paper what it is you want to transform. As you hold it in your hands, see it being filled with Sarah’s Violet Flame.
  4. Do this once a day for 5 days (or 7/14/21 or more depending on the size of the issue!)
  5. Keep an eye out for signs that the energy is shifting for you! Give thanks to Sarah. Blessed Be, Amen!

Remember, you can call on Sarah’s Violet Flame when:

• When you’re really stressed or overworked
• When you feel overwhelmed with health problems or family issues
• When the world is getting too much or you’re in need of support
• When you need to clear and purify your energy

Learn how to attune your crystals to Sarah’s Violet Flame

The crystals that ‘came forward’ to hold the vibration of Sarah’s violet flame were lilac amethyst, lepidolite, and peacock ore (you might find others too!!) When I’m holding them, (I have a little bag of attuned crystals that fits in my pocket!) I experience that many ‘core’ issues that I haven’t been able to shift in the past – even though I’ve used my ‘toolbox’, such as EFT, shamanic journeys, vibrational healing, dreamwork and so on, are now just not having the same hold over me anymore! You can find out how to attune your crystals with Sarah’s Violet Flame in this attunement class in Rachel’s Online School.

It takes work and a little bit of consciousness to access the 5D matrix, but attuning crystals to Sarah’s violet flame really helps!  And you can learn this in Sarah’s Violet Flame Attunement Class. I love sharing this information because I know how much it helps! The crystals are a quick way to access Sarah’s violet flame, and if you love learning healing energy techniques,  you can learn how to use this energy yourself.

The attuned crystals create an energy matrix where you are ‘lifted away’ from old energy patterns; there’s a space now between you and the old energy pattern – which allows you to feel and act differently than you normally would… I’ve been able to shift relationship patterns that have haunted me for years, (even though I have had different therapies and healing modalities until I was blue in the face), and re-code my prosperity programming.

Repeated patterns in the Ancestral Line or from Past Lives build up power

Often the core programs and patterns of behaviour that need clearing before you can manifest a newer and lighter behaviour in alignment with 5D, are the result of past lives plus ancestral patterns, i.e. your family dynamics that have been passed down, or from patterns in past lives that have been repeated over and over again, such as taking vows of poverty, living very austerely, and having a negative religious belief about money.

Behaviour patterns exist as a thought form or energy matrix, fuelled by past events and the emotions that were felt at the time. These can get passed down to you along the ancestral lines, and through your past lives to the current one.

The more a particular behaviour been repeated, the more power and strength that particular energy matrix has. An example could be a family member who’s been hurt by a sibling and lashes out in return by saying something hurtful. If this is a behaviour pattern that has been repeated many many times before over and over again in the generations of your Ancestors, it will carry a lot of power. Then you might find that you have your own personal habit of lashing out when you feel hurt, as you are ‘pulled’ into this ancestral behaviour.

The strong and powerful energy matrix of the behaviour pattern that has been reinforced over and over again by many other people means that if you are going to do something different (which could be taking a breath, and saying that you feel hurt rather than retaliating) then you first have to resist the ‘path of least resistance’, which is to be pulled into behaving how many other people have behaved before you.

The same goes for if you have had a pattern of past lives playing out a particular theme regarding, for example, money and wealth being wrong or evil – you will find in this life that it will play out in your current life in a particular way – this could be finding that it’s hard for you to be prosperous, or that if you are prosperous, the money always seems to drain away somehow leaving you with very little…

Sarah’s violet flame shifts you up to the 5th dimension. It’s vibration naturally clears away the lower vibrations of negative thought forms and energy matrices. From this higher vibration, honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness, compassion, wisdom – all of these and more are easier to access. You access the thought forms which exist at this level of vibration.

Sarah's Violet Flame - How To Live 5th Dimensionally in a 3D World

Sarah’s energy integrates!!

Sarah’s energy integrates…. ‘in her, there is no separation’. This means that even if you are needing to work within a 3D workplace or function within a 3D family system, then you can still access your 5D resources and respond in a way that is good for you!

With Sarah’s support, you can ‘straddle’ (not the most elegant image I know!) both worlds – which is where many of us are right now. The 5D world that we would like to live within is still in the process of being created, and meanwhile, all these 3D things need our attention and help – and we need to be able to manage these things without our healthy and newly functioning 5D energy bodies being damaged in the process!

I have the blessing of living in a town in Denmark, where there are numerous natural springs running through. These are no ordinary springs but create (along with the earth energy lines that are also running through the town, as well as energy portals and chakra points) an Ascension grid.

From connecting to these energies of the grid, I’m able to ‘see’ how we can move forward on our path into the New Age/ the New Earth/ the 5th Dimension/ the Golden Age – however, you want to call it. It’s a work in progress. But we (in co-creation with the angelic, elemental, the stone and plant people, and the animal kingdoms) still have some way to go yet.

In the meantime, ‘spirit’ is giving us some extra help in the form of these tools – which are providing a ‘fix’ or ‘patch’ for us to get us through until a time when the new system is ready to go fully ‘on-line’!

Spirit doesn’t want us to collapse under the weight of the effort that many of us are needing to make to survive in a 3D world, and they know the huge efforts we are making.

Sarah is stepping forward NOW to lend us her more than phenomenal energies! HELP IS AT HAND!

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