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Ascension Stock Bottle + Spray

Ascension Stock Bottle + Spray

Ascension Stock Bottle + Spray
Ascension Stock Bottle + Spray
Ascension Stock Bottle + Spray
Ascension Stock Bottle + Spray
Ascension Stock Bottle + Spray
Ascension Stock Bottle + Spray

Ascension Stock Bottle + Spray

Model Number: AscensionSprayStockBottle
**FREE SHIPPING** Ascension stock bottle 10 ml + spray bottle. (see photo)

Choose which essence you want to have (or I will make up a specially made up bottle for you, with a mix of essences that you need, including ones which are not for public sale!)

Use 16 drops of the essence (tincture) + spring water or purified water (add a tablespoon of alcohol as a preservative if you wish)
The sprays will support your spiritual development/ ascension process, and if you are working with your own ascension grid, it will help you maintain your ascension vibration in your home.

The essences are made from chakra or sacred power points in the Ascension grid in Roskilde and contains purified water, spring water and around 35% vodka as a preservative.

The Ascension Grid essence is made up using 16 different essences from the Ascension Grid in Roskilde and is charged by the Ascended Master Sarah.

I live in the sacred town of Roskilde in Denmark. There is an ascension grid here that operates on a 5th-dimensional level and is here to support us in clearing and activating our chakras to the 5th-dimensional level as well!! I have created a whole range of vibrational essences from the Sacred Springs and other power places in the town that will support you in opening and activating your ascension chakras!

How to use
Spray into your aura a good amount (maybe 6/7 sprays - or whatever you intuitively feel) every day. For an extra boost spray around your home. Can be added to your bath or to your plants water. Not for internal consumption.

Blue Rose Lineage
Angel of Roskilde
Arcturian Stargate
Hellikors Kilde (Universal Healer)
Skt. Jørgensbjerg
Sarah’s Violet Flame Temple
Merlin’s Magickal Essence (The Field)
Lemurian Blue Spring (Den Blå Kilde)
Roskilde’s Domkirke/Chapel of the Priests/Divine Masculine
The Field/Ascension Grid/Divine Feminine
The Activator! (The Field/Recurring Spring)

Byparken (Crown Chakra)
The Field/Chapel Pyramid (Stellar Gateway Chakra)
Lovise Kilde (Soul Star Chakra)
Skt .Gertrude (Brow Chakra)
Folkeparken/the 3 ponds (Throat chakra)
Sarah’s Spring (Skt. Hans) Higher Heart Chakra
Kirsten’s Kilde (Heart Chakra)
Divine Spark/Hrit Padma Chakra (Sacred Lotus of the Heart)
Maglekilde (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Bibliotekets Have (Sacral Chakra)
Skt Ols Stræde (Base Chakra)
Earth Star Chakra
Skt. Ibs Kilde (Connection between Heart and Sacral/Sacred Womb)
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