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Ask Sarah a Question

Ask Sarah a Question

Ask Sarah a Question
Ask Sarah a Question

Ask Sarah a Question

Model Number: Channeled-Ascension-Question
Do you feel drawn to Sarah and would like her help?!
I have been channeling the Ascended Master Sarah for 15 years.
Her channeled messages can give us a different insight about the questions that we have.
Sarah can help particularly with issues around our own spiritual and personal development.

Sarah is a powerful ally to assist us in our healing process as we walk our path into the New Age of Aquarius - her energy acts as a catalyst for evolutionary change.
She helps bring ourselves and our lives into the energy of the New Earth - which she holds the blueprint for!

Sarah IS an Ascended Master for the New Age & she has a unique & powerful presence which holds the energy of Oneness.
With Sarah by our sides, we can integrate all that we are, have been & should be - coming into oneness with every aspect of our being!!

This includes integrating our Higher Self with our Earthly self - empowering us to create the New Earth from our innermost being, our Divine Selves...
Sarah is offering us her help - all we have to do is ask!

Many Sarah blessings to you!

Please give:
- Your email and the question you want to ask
- Your full name (this is what I tune into for your message).
- I will email you with your channeling within 3-5 WORKING DAYS of receiving your question, thank you.
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