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Who is Sarah?!

Feb 21, 2022 | Ascended Master Sarah

Image courtesy of Cheryl Yambrach Rose

My mother the Magdalena, she will come to you and help you heal your wounds. She will hold you when you are in pain and suffering and give you so much love and compassion. And my father Yeshua, he will light up that spark, he will fan the flame; he will make it brighter and help you have the clarity to comprehend divine truths. And I Sarah, I will help you bring it all together.

Sarah is the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. She holds the energy of the Oneness and Integration – she is the expression of the Sacred Marriage! Sarah holds the Christ light in Unity consciousness – but what does this mean?

In her, all things are integrated. The dark and the light, the male and the female, the conscious and the unconscious. She is as to a human being who consciously knows that they are Divine, and has become ‘God/dess realised’. This is the flame that Sarah holds – the awareness of who we truly are!

In us is the seed of our Divinity, we are God/dess, but we don’t consciously know it. That awareness still resides in our subconscious. Sarah’s energy brings us to this awareness. Her energy integrates all. When we call on her power, everything within us that is split off from us starts to journey back from whence it came! This could include lost soul parts, repressed parts of ourselves, twin souls, our shadow side, etc.

In the return to our Divinity and in becoming whole, we must welcome every single part of our being. Often what has been left behind are our difficulties and painful parts.

Sarah’s power has a magnetic quality (a female quality,) returning all the lost parts of ourselves, but with conscious awareness; meaning that we know what is being returned to us and why (a male quality.)

I often see Sarah at the centre of a circle, she is in complete stillness but the circle around spins with a continuous force. When writing journey meditations, I am drawn to use the concept of Sarah being at the centre of a ‘circle of love’. This circle is imagined as the whole of humanity, past, present and future held together in one circle.

This is another idea that has come strongly to me. That Sarah is present energetically in all of the vibrational levels. Her energy is not ‘way up above us’, but she is in all of the spheres. (If you think of the Gayatri mantra, which chants to the seven spheres, Sarah is a connecting force in all of them.)

In Sarah, there is no separation, which means that she is right here with us on the physical plane, and also that she can show us how to connect to all levels of vibration as she does, (because she is also connected to the ‘Highest of the High’).

We can also ‘access Sarah’ wherever we happen to be. It has been my experience that when channelling specific light beings, one has to be able to reach their specific vibration of light. This means that for a high vibrational being, one has to be in a high vibrational state of expanded consciousness in order to have communication.

With Sarah, wherever you are in your consciousness, and whatever part of your journey you are in, she is always accessible. For example, if you are going through a stage of clearing, and find yourself immersed with rage, then the lower vibrations of your rage, will not block contact with Sarah; she will still feel her there and she will be able to give guidance as to how you can stay connected to higher energies, whilst honouring the process and feelings that you are going through.

This ability of Sarah’s to stay connected to all levels of vibration, whether high or low, also give us a clue for our own ‘redemption’. All of us need healing, individually and globally, and it is our ‘God/dess parts’, that will provide the healing. Our compassion needs to come together with our rage and pain, our patience with our impatient crazy-making need for speed. Whatever is dark within us can come together with its balance of the light. Whatever is light within us can come together with its balance of the dark. Wherever we are, and whatever stage of development we are at, to learn this acceptance, this allowance of what is within us, of ‘what is’ and allow it to be there, is a way of staying connected to all the levels of vibration just as Sarah does.

Sarah has also come through to me as an Ascended Master for the Age of Aquarius. She is an Ascended Master for Our Time. This is because her ability to unify and to integrate all that is lends us the quality of energy we need to help us tease our Higher Selves down into our physical selves. And here I say ‘tease’ in the manner of coaxing, but really it is more a manner of coaxing the higher and the lower together, and teaching them to share the same space!

In this coming together of our higher and lower selves (not one triumphing over the other, but there being space for both of them) is the next stage of our evolution, and is the process that will ‘bring in’ the Age of Aquarius. From our ability to access the Divinity within us, and make it manifest upon the earth, so we will create the Age of Aquarius, the New Earth, the Golden Age!

And imagine what a wonderful world that will be!

Sarah is here to ‘coax us’ gently into the next stage of our evolution, (although from the battlefronts where many of us might be at right now in our lives, it might not feel so gentle!)

From an evolutionary viewpoint, Sarah’s role is to help us through this transitional phase, where we are ‘dying to the old’ and being ‘borne to the new’. After 2012, ancient prophecy has drawn a big blank, because what will be created is going to come from ‘within us’, and so with our free will, the future has yet to be written.

At this present time, many of us are in this transitional and often painful phase of dying to the old, where we know where it is we want to be in our lives because we can feel that potential inside us! We know how it should be, we know how our relationships should be, we know how it is that our work should be, we know how it is our family life should work; and yet somehow, we seem to experience great difficulty in ‘making it so’, which brings us a great deal of pain and frustration in our lives, as we witness a different reality from what we know inside us to be possible.

It is good to have a guide, teacher and mentor such as Sarah to remind us that we are the Sacred Holders of that knowledge! That this knowing is not just there to torture us and make our lives miserable! That this knowing is our template for ‘giving birth to the new’. Sarah is here to support us in that birthing, and she can be with us – whatever stage in the journey we are at, and on the good days and the bad!

This is how I see Sarah. As a sister, friend, teacher, guide – not walking ahead, but rather walking by our side.

She is an Empowerer, not a leader. She guides and supports from the centre of the circle, available to always be a part of things when we need her, always available to lend a hand, always present. But present in a way that gives the power back to us… What is it that we want? What do we believe from the deepest parts of ourselves that we need to do? (And if we don’t know how to do that, to connect to the deepest parts of ourselves, she will lend us her catalytic evolutionary force so that we can learn that too.) But it is us that are here to create the New Age of Aquarius.

Sarah can lend us her energy and power for us to unlock the codes and keys for the New Earth that are held within us. (All of these codes and keys are held within us, nothing is without, all is within!)

Sarah’s energy is here now present on the earth plane, it flows along the meridians of the earth. Humanity is accessing her energy. But we can access her even more greatly by consciously doing so. Simply we need to have the intent to bring Sarah into our lives. We can call on her, pray to her, meditate with her. And learn how to hear her voice in our lives. She has come to be the guide to many.

And finally, a message from Sarah, as her energy flows along the earth…

Greetings, greetings, arise, arise. I have come, I have come, I am here, I am here. My love, my light, pouring through the earth. Can you hear, can you hear, the sound of my footsteps as I dance my way across the earth?

Blessed ones, I bring you the news, I am here, I am here, I am here. Jubilations to all, I resound my joy in circles of power across the earth. All is well, all is well, all is well.

Rachel Goodwin has published two books on Sarah, ‘Sarah’s little book of Healing’, and ‘Weaving the Strands of Sarayei: Channeled Wisdom from the Ascended Master Sarah’. (Available April 2022) Both are available on Amazon worldwide.

You are free to copy, distribute and display the material presented here, as long as you give the author credit, & do not alter the work in any way without permission from the copyright holder.

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