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Blue Rose

The Blue Rose Lineage represents the next stage of our evolutionary development

The Blue Rose Lineage

Some say the Order of the Blue Rose was founded by Mother Mary, others by Mary Magdalene – but in truth, the origins of this Order are from the beginning of time itself – seeded by the Divine to make sure Humankind never completely lost its way…

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This energetic blueprint of the Blue Rose has been held through the aeons by the Lineage of the holy women and men of the Blue Rose – a Divine Feminine Order rooted deeply into the Ascended Gaia and reaching high up into the starry skies!!

Our Ancestors – in whatever part of the world we come from, aligned their temples to the stars!

They anchored those heavenly energies into the earth for the Highest Good of All!

“We are those priests and priestesses, the temple builders come again.”

“We are Starseeds who come from the starry skies to be living anchors of the Blue Rose energies on Earth.”

“Now is the Time!!
We are the Lineage of the Blue Rose!
Blessed Be, Amen!!”

Blue Rose
Blue Rose initiation

The Initiation

The Blue Rose Lineage represents the next stage of our evolutionary development – where we come into a conscious community together, sharing common goals for the well-being of the planet and all who live on Her…

In this Sacred initiation, you will be taken into the heart of the Blue Rose Flame so that you can receive the codes and templates for the New Earth.

“It gives me great joy to talk to you about the Order of the Blue Rose. Now is the time for this Lineage to be opening up exponentially, as it comes in all its fullness, in perfect Divine Timing, to keep the balance on the Earth plane between the light and the dark… To give restitution to Gaia and all who live on her, bringing love, wisdom, understanding and applying the healing balm of the Divine.”

The 6-Month Blue Rose Lineage training

Become part of the Lineage of the Blue Rose!!

This training takes you deep into the work and energy of the Blue Rose.

Being in the energy of Blue Rose Lineage is often felt as a homecoming. A remembering.

Expect to feel the support and love that The Lineage of the Blue Rose has for you.

It’s common to experience an increase in your ability to know what is right for you and your Soul Purpose and how to wield that magic in the world!!!

The next 6-month Blue Rose Lineage training starts in June 2024.


For you to step deeply into this Lineage, you will be given the following healing/power tools:

  • Blue Rose & Garden of Eden vibrational essences to work with at home (I will post this to you)
  • An empowered sacred symbol of the Blue Rose Lineage and how to use it for yourself
  • Blue Rose Oracle runes which teach the story of the Blue Rose Lineage and the work they have come to do
  • A Blue Rose Mentor guide

You will learn:

  • How to give healing with the Blue Rose Flame
  • How to work with the essence of plants, crystals etc through the Blue Rose Lineage, and to make vibrational essences
  • How to work with Cosmic energies in the Way of the Blue Rose


Blue Rose

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