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The Lineage of the Blue Rose Flame

Experience the Magic of the Blue Rose

August 4th 2024, 7p.m CET, 1p.m EDT | Zoom Call | Recording Available | FREE WEBINAR

Have you heard of the Order of the Blue Rose?
Did you know that Sarah is the Keeper of the Blue Rose Flame?!
On the 4th August I’ll be doing a very special session on the Blue Rose, and you’ll get to hear about the Order of the Blue Rose. I’ll channel a message for us and you’ll get to experience the energy of this very special lineage!!


The Lineage of the Blue Rose is Divine Feminine Cosmic Order that looks high up to the heavens, whilst remaining firmly anchored into the Ascended Gaia….
Some say the Order of the Blue Rose was founded by Mother Mary, others by Mary Magdalene – but in truth, the origins of this Order are from the beginning of time itself – seeded by the Divine to make sure Humankind never completely lost its way…
I’m hosting this event on our Sarah Patreon Page, you can access the webinar and recording by joining as a free member.
I love working with the Blue Rose, their energy is incredible and I’m so looking forward to sharing this magic with you, and seeing you there!!!


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The Lineage of the Blue Rose 6 Month Training

Starts 8th September 2024

Become part of the Lineage of the Blue Rose!!

 Registration is now open for our Blue Rose Lineage 6 month training, starting on *September 8th 2024!!

 I have been so honoured and so blessed to have been the recipient of channeled wisdom, teachings and initations from the Lineage of the Blue Rose, and to be able to share that wisdom, information and teachings with  groups of wonderful and wise men and women!

 SARAH IS THE KEEPER OF THE BLUE ROSE FLAME, and this ray of energy, the Blue Rose ray*, is like nothing else I have ever worked with!

*The Blue Rose ray denotes the ray of light that manifests onto the material plane/Gaia. As it manifests and enters into the hearts of humankind, it becomes the Blue Rose Flame.

As we already contain the spark of the Divine within each of us, we already contain all seeds, all possibilities. But instead of it just remaining a potentiality within you, the frequency of the Blue Rose ray causes that flame to be lit within your heart, so you become a living Flame of the Blue Rose.

 ‘Now is the time to learn how to use these energies, to deeply step into the power that is available now for you with the New Earth codes that are coming in. All is within Divine Timing, Blessed Be, Amen.’ Message from the Blue Rose Lineage, channeled by Rachel Goodwin.

 The energetic blueprint of the Blue Rose has been held through the aeons by the Lineage of the holy women and men of the Blue Rose – a Divine Feminine Order rooted deeply into the Ascended Gaia and reaching high up into the starry skies!!

Our Ancestors – in whatever part of the world we come from, aligned their temples to the stars! They anchored those heavenly energies into the earth for the Highest Good of All!

“We are those priests and priestesses, the temple builders come again.”

“We are Starseeds who come from the starry skies to be living anchors of the Blue Rose energies on Earth.”

“Now is the Time!!
We are the Lineage of the Blue Rose!
Blessed Be, Amen!!”

 ***To access the full details of the training, sign up below for the free preview on my online school

and access , ‘What is the 6 month course for the Lineage of the Blue Rose’***

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