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The Lineage of the Blue Rose Flame

The Lineage of the Blue Rose Flame

August 27th 2023

Our Ancestors – in whatever part of the world we come from, aligned their temples to the stars!

They anchored those heavenly energies into the earth for the Highest Good of All!

“We are those priests and priestesses, the temple builders come again.”

The Blue Rose Flame is a Lineage of Light that holds the essence of the energy of the Blue Rose Ray. This Lineage has been kept alight through the ages by the Wisewomen and men of the Blue Rose & is a Divine Cosmic Order seeded from the galaxy you live in and beyond.

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How you can work with the Lineage of the Blue Rose!

*FREE* Thursday 17 August 2023 **Replay available for 7 days**

Why is the Lineage of the Blue Rose stepping up so powerfully this year? What does it mean? And how can we respond to this call?
In this 90 minute zoom event, Rachel will share her own experiences with the Blue Rose, as well as that of her Blue Rose group, and channeled information that has come through from the Lineage.
💙 You will receive:
-a meditation to connect with the Blue Rose Lineage
-details on the work that the Blue Rose have come to do and what this might mean for you
-practical tips on what you can do with the Blue Rose

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