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The Lineage of the Blue Rose Flame

Healing the Witch Wound with Sarah & the Lineage of the Blue Rose

May 19th, 7p.m CET, 1p.m EDT | Zoom Call | Recording Available | $66

We are being called to release the wounds of the last few hundreds of years!

So much – but it is not serving us now to hold onto this trauma!

With the April Solar Eclipse, new solar blueprints have come in to help us ‘re-imprint’ our Divine Feminine & Masculine – to release the wounded masculine and feminine with love and care. To acknowledge the pain and hurt and then let it go.

Sarah is the Keeper of the Blue Rose Flame, and she along with others, such as Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Isis & Joan of Arc (amongst others) are stepping forward now to enable this release.

Are you ready for  a new way of being?

Join us for this 90 minute intensive of Divine Energies that will support your soul growth and help you be even more WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

Rachel Goodwin is a channel for Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene, as well as a qualified therapist, nurse and healer! 



3 day sarah challenge

Sarah & the Lilac Dragons!

Live Call Sunday 7th April, 7.00p.m CET (click on the event booking below to find your local time THIS EVENT WILL BE RECORDED!!)

Join us on the 7th April as we work together with Sarah and the Lilac Violet Flame Dragons to do some preparation and clearing work!

Sarah’s Lilac Violet Flame is an energy that transforms and transmutes the heavy three-dimensional energy of the world into the lighter fifth dimensional energy of the New Age – She is an Ascended Master for the New Earth.

In this live call, you can discover how it feels to connect to this energy and to work with The Lilac Violet Flame Dragons!

First you will receive a clearing from Sarah’s Violet Flame and the Lilac Violet Flame Dragons, throughout each layer of your being and all of your energy bodies. These clearings are an Act of Grace, and spirit takes the opportunity to release you from any past life patterns, karmic burdens, & ancestral karma or patterns in accordance with the Divine Will.

Then we will work together to clear the way for Sarah’s Violet Flame Spiral Temple to be upgraded! On the 20th April, I will be present in Glastonbury UK with our Sarah retreat group, and we will be upgrading a very special power place of Sarah’s (her Violet Flame Spiral Temple!) This spiral gently clears the earth’s energy lines of the collected ‘waste’ and negative energies, and is assisting our evolutionary development! It’s ready to go up to the next level now, and for the ‘operation’ to increase the work that it is doing.

To assist with the upgrade, you will also be given a very special journey meditation to join in with the Temple Upgrade event for the week of the 20th April. (You can find out more about this in the live call).

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