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Events that are currently available with Rachel
The Lineage of the Blue Rose Flame

The Lineage of the Blue Rose Flame

21 March 2023

2.30pm – 4:00pm (CET)
1:30pm – 3:00pm (UK)
8:30am – 10:00a.m (Eastern)

[Replays Available]

The Blue Rose Flame is a Lineage of Light that holds the essence of the energy of the Blue Rose Ray*. This Lineage has been kept alight through the ages by the Wisewomen and men of the Blue Rose & is a Divine Cosmic Order seeded from the galaxy you live in and beyond.

3 day sarah challenge

Experience the Sarah Magick - 3 Day Sarah Facebook Challenge!

Day One – Thursday 18 May
Day Two – Friday 19 May
Day Three – Monday 22 May

Join us for this 3-day challenge, and find out just how much Sarah magic you can bring into your life!

The commitment of your time is around 30 minutes each day – you get to spend as much time with the tools and techniques that I will give as you like!

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