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Healer Training

Would you like to become a healer working with Ascended Master Sarah & her host of Angels?!

Become Fully Human and Fully Divine!!

A new system of healing, physically manifesting and integrating aspects of our Higher Self into our whole being!

You will receive initiations into the Sarah & the Angels Healing©, to use for self-healing, and for clients…

Sarah is a teacher mentor guide for the Age of Aquarius.
She is an Ascended Master for our Time!

Everyone who has trained in the healing system (myself included) has said they have never felt energies like this before. This is because this IS a healing system for our time. We are the pioneers!

This healing system powerfully integrates you with your Higher Self. Another way of describing it could be ‘Ascension Healing’. Through Healing with Sarah and the Angels, we can manifest all the things that our Higher Self wants to give us right now. Bringing Heaven to Earth…

Some previous healer training is needed. You’ll also need to read ‘Sarah’s little book of Healing’, by Rachel Goodwin (available on Amazon).

  • Levels 1, 2 & 3 – You are initiated into becoming a healer working with Sarah and the Angels. For self-healing, and healing with family and friends.
  • Level 4 – Advanced Practitioner Sarah Healer Training. Here you learn the symbols and ways of using them for: deeper healing work, how to create sacred space (Sarah’s Sacred Temple), how to attune your crystals, candles and water to Sarah’s Angels, Sarah’s Violet Flame and Sarah’s Green energy of healing and manifestion – as well as techniques for working with group healing, ancestral healing, karmic healing and working with specific physical issues/illnesses.
  • Level 5 – Sarah Teacher Training. This is for those of you who are ready to initiate others into levels 1. 2 & 3 of ‘Healing with Sarah & the Angels’.

Training Details

Levels 1, 2 & 3 are taught together, by Sarah Teachers.

Level 4 is taught by Rachel

Level 5 | On application

Classes are live. If you are unable to join the classes live because of the differences, there is an option to receive initiations one to one ($55 extra for each level), and take the class via the recorded video.

Level 1, 2 & 3 – $611
Level 4 – $333

* Spaces are limited in the classes

Useful Links


Level One

Sarah’s Angels

Emit a beautiful white energy that connect you up to the higher, finer particles of light, which are Activations from your Higher Self!


Level Two

Sarah’s Violet Flame

then works to clear away the blocks that are between you and manifesting those downloads from your Higher Self, allowing you to become fully Human AND Divine!!


Level Three


Sarah weaves in the powerful packages of codes and downloads from your Higher Self into your physical body, using her Green flame which anchors, grounds, and expands! She brings the physical and spiritual into Oneness!!! Blessed Be, Amen!


Level Four

Sarah Advanced Practitioner Healer Training 

Move deeper into the healing energies by learning how to use the symbols for Sarah’s Angels, Sarah’s Violet Flame and for Sarah’s Green Healing Energy in our Sarah Advanced Practioner Healer Training which we recommend for those of you who want to work with clients. We also teach techniques for group healing, ancestral and karmic healing, and how to work with specific physical issues/illnesses.


Level Five

Teacher Training

This is for those of you who are ready to initiate others into levels 1, 2 & 3 of the Sarah & the Angels healing system. 

Sarah Healer Training Testimonials

It’s quite a few years ago now, ten, fifteen maybe, that I first became aware of Sarah. I think, because of our days at St Michael’s Church in Ewell, UK, Rachel and I had connected. I received an email from Rachel and part of the email was a channelling of Sarah. The instant I listened to the channelling, I was aware of very strong energy. It was really lovely. I don’t remember the message but I was moved and excited by Sarah’s really gorgeous energy.

As the years went by, I looked forward to the emails from Rachel and the channellings of Sarah. Sarah’s words always instantly filled me with the most beautiful, sunny feeling. I would re-listen to the Sarah channellings so that I could be immersed in that wonderful energy all over again. I have worked with Edwin Courtenay for over twenty years and love to sense the presences of Angels and Ascended Masters; maybe one thing led to another. It is a glorious thing, I think, that the Angels and Masters bless us with their presences.

Last year, when Rachel started to teach the course, ‘Sarah and Her Angels Healing’, I enrolled and couldn’t wait for the course to start!

Sarah’s energy is just out of this world. Such a gift to mankind, I think. For me, day to day life IS Sarah, her Angels, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters. I feel the energy of the divine presences. I never feel lonely and always feel looked after. Like Rachel I am sure and many other people, I feel an oneness.

When I am meditating with Sarah, I immediately feel strong energy pulsating through my head and face area. I think perhaps this area because fourteen years ago, at the age of forty-five I experienced a full stroke. I was in a coma, to begin with, and learned to walk, talk and see again. Now I am virtually 100% better. I think Sarah must sense that the area of my head is always happy and blissed out with a bit of healing!Healing other people with Sarah’s energy is a profound experience. I ask that Sarah’s energy direct the healing where it is required and allow her to do her work. I call on the violet flame and use the cleansing violet flame sun disc. I am aware of very strong energy coursing through my body and let what needs doing be done.

I love the fact that Rachel and Sarah came into my life. It is beautiful, to do this work.

I feel Sarah is healing aspects of us that need to be healed, that we are being allowed to become more ‘whole’ again; to integrate more fully with God. I feel a new age is being birthed; and that our paths are being lit with greater love and understanding.

- Fern Carew, United Kingdom

Hi Rachel. That was so, so beautiful. Thank you so much for bringing all of these wonderful energies to all of us. The afternoon was perfect in every way and so full of beauty, calm, goodness and love. There is nothing at all I can say that would improve it. The simple fact that we were in your and Sarah’s energy for two and a half hours was all I needed. The initiation and being able to practice the healing and receive the healing was such an immense privilege and pleasure :))). To have been emerged in the totally wonderful energies that you have brought forth has been the greatest experience. A HUGE blessing. Thank you, Rachel! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. A LOT of healing has been going on, subtly, but very noticeable at the same time. I feel like a new person! It is massive.

- FC, United Kingdom

Being initiated into Sarah’s energies at this time of planetary upheaval has offered me a sense of balance, calm, and assurance that has been extremely comforting. Rachel’s training is layered in a way that allows for ease of acclimation in both gentle and powerful ways. I believe Sarah is shining a light, through this training, to help us imagine and create the best possible future for all beings. It has been a transcendent experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you, it has been a great training and a big offering for humanity, I think

- MH, United States

Rachel Goodwin and her training/ teaching/Channeling of Master Lady Sarah. Absolutely loved the training lives Rachel made it so comfortable and welcoming in our group of like-minded souls who I feel are connected now, and can share our experiences and Healing together in our private healing group. I’m a Master Healer and have covered many healing modalities but none quite like Sarah’s Angel fire. It is so Beautiful and Powerful and I feel the Way forward to the future Golden age. Rachel is an awesome teacher and I love Louise’s constant help and the sisterhood of Lady Sarah’s Healing… Highly Recommend. And definitely my way forward on my healing Journey. I am Grateful

- Belinda Birch, United Kingdom

Being called through Magdalena and Sarah, I can say I work for many years with their energy.

Travelling through places of her origin, I was drawn deeply to the ancient mysteries and her healing capacities. Whether it was in Israël, Egypt, Scotland or the Crypt in St. Marie de la Mer, I was touched to tears and walked on old pathways of once.

Then I was guided to Rachel Goodwin and I was reading of her course: ‘Ascended Master Sarah and the Healing Angels’ and I was drawn in and given the opportunity to participate in this wonderful course.

Sarah is a soulful guide and healer, her energy is powerful and of a deep primal source. She is Sarah La Kali, Meriam’s Daughter and Patroness of the Roma. Her healing abilities are beyond imagination if you trust your own inner abilities. Working with her Light and Violet Flame is a profound wisdom tool.

Rachel is a great, wise and fun guide/tutor and her integrity sets the course, with Louise at her side, a lovely guardian angel herself, the course is wonderful!

I can highly recommend her visions, readings and courses.

In the last 25 years, I have done and participated in some incredible Healing Work, but this ASC Master Sarah Healing Course is another great gift and blessing to the World!

My love and thanx go out to Sarah, the Healing Angels, Rachel, Louise and the beautiful Sisters in the Sarah Sisterhood, blessed be.

- Corah Aplonia Avalon, The Netherlands

Prior to taking the Level I, II, & III Initiations for Healing with Sarah & The Angels course, I’d been working with Sarah for over 5 years on a personal and professional level in my healing practice. I had no idea how powerful this course would be. Sarah’s energy is so Loving and in alignment with our current time here on earth, the Age of Aquarius. After completion of the course, my clients have shared a notable difference in energy during their healing sessions.

I highly recommend this course for those who seek a deeper understanding of the meaning of LOVE. Sarah and her Angels will help you transmute patterns and conditioning from this life and past lives.

- DM, United States

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