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A Sacred Roskilde Kildetur

Date: Spring 2019
Time: 10:00 – 13.00
Location: Roskilde Bibliotek
Price: 330 kr

Did you know that many springs and other sacred places are attuned to the energy of the divine feminine?!

In this half day workshop, through meditation and atonement, you will have the opportunity to meet and explore some of the many different faces of the goddess, from Scandinavia and other traditions.

Rachel works with the energies of the springs and ley lines in Roskilde, and teaches others how they too can connect and work with them.

Please bring clothing suitable for the weather on the day.

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Sacred Roskilde
Sowing the Seeds of Sarayei

Sarah’s Violet Flame – shifting from 3D to 5D

Date: 20 February 2019 10.00a.m CET
Location: Online & available as a recording afterwards
Price: $40 (get a 10% discount see below)**

The Ascended Master Sarah is here to help us with our evolutionary Ascension and she has HER OWN violet flame! The violet flame is an incredibly useful tool that transforms and transmutes negative and ‘inappropriate’ energy, and Sarah has her own vibration specifically for helping us through this transitory period as we move into the Age of Aquarius / Golden Age / New Earth / 5th Dimension. In this workshop you will be attuned to Sarah’s violet flame and will learn:
– What Sarah’s violet flame is and how you can use it.
– How to transform 3D situations so you can achieve a 5th dimensional solution.
– Specific techniques that you can apply at a moments notice
– 3 week violet flame healing programme 



Sarah Immersion Course

Date: coming soon


Ascended Master Sarah

Learn More About Ascended Master Sarah and Roskilde Sacred Springs

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Roskilde is built on holy ground & was once a place of pilgrimage with many people coming to visit the sacred springs for healing & prayer.

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