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Sacred Roskilde

Built on holy ground & was once a place of pilgrimage with many people coming to visit the sacred springs for healing & prayer.

In Roskilde, I Have Discovered a System of Ley Lines and Energy Centres.

There is a healing/ascension energy grid here that is totally whole and complete by itself. I am discovering this piece by piece, and each part I connect with, reveals it’s healing magic and mysteries bit by bit.

It is an incredible place, I often have the thought ‘I’m walking on holy ground’ as I go along the streets!

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Rachel Goodwin at Sacred Roskilde
Roskilde Sacred Springs

Roskilde Sacred Springs

There are many springs here, and each of them has their own special healing energy.

Some attune us to love, some are transformative, some are attuned to the divine feminine and so on. I love to spend time with them and meditate with them regularly. You can connect to the energy of the springs by:

Earth Ascension/Our Ascension

Our Ascension and the Earth’s Ascension are connected. I have been an energy healer for many years, & offer Lightbody healing sessions (cost 600kr./$90/£70).

I love travelling to sacred places and working with the energy there. Places such as Sedona, Hawaii, Glastonbury, Findhorn, Malta and most recently Sweden, where you can see this picture of a stone ship! I especially love stone circles and barrows! (and of course, springs!) I work with Ascended Master Sarah to teach her methods of Earth Ascension Clearing work, which you can see here on YouTube


Stone Ship

Roskilde Sacred Springs Video

Learn More About Roskilde Sacred Springs

A Guide to the Sacred Springs of Roskilde

Roskilde is a town full of springs, each with its own special energy and vibration.

Rachel has been an energy practitioner for over 20 years and was amazed to discover a whole system of ley lines and energy centres around the springs. You can learn how to unlock the wonder and magic of these special places, using the simple methods and techniques given and you can destress and find your inner calm!

The book includes the chakra system in the town and a one-hour healing walk.

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Roskilde is built on holy ground & was once a place of pilgrimage with many people coming to visit the sacred springs for healing & prayer.

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