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Sarah Healing

Healing with Sarah & The Angels

This is a healing system for the New Age of Aquarius – it is a healing system for our time!

I’ve been working with Sarah for many years, and in those years she has shared many ‘healing secrets’ with me! These healing secrets have now been put together into one healing system, ‘Healing with Sarah & the Angels’, for you to receive or even to learn and be initiated into, so you can heal others!**

During a Sarah healing session, you will first receive a flood of beautiful Divine White Light from Sarah’s Angels. The Angels & their Light gently raise you and take you up to connect with your Higher Self. Here you receive fine particles of light into your physical body that help you manifest your ‘next piece’ of the New Earth/Your Divine Blueprint. Coming back down, Sarah’s Violet Flame, again… very gently, removes the blocks that are currently between you and these energies of your Higher Self. It’s so wonderful to feel bathed in her lilac violet light!

Finally, Sarah comes in, with all her love and magickal presence – she is the Manifestor! The one who grounds, expands, heals and illuminates. She weaves into the physical body & chakras (& all through your energy bodies), those patterns of light that you have ‘collected’ from your Divine Blueprint & the Higher Realms, and brings you into Oneness with them. You can co-create so beautifully with your Higher Self, your Divine Self, your God/Goddess self through the magickal energies in this healing system – becoming all you are, all you are meant to be – your True Self!

The only way to truly know what a session of ‘Healing with Sarah & the Angels’ feels like, is to try it! You can find a healer here, or try out one of our free Group Healing Sessions

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Healing with Sarah and the angels

Sarah Mandala – Courtesy of Denise Carder


Find answers to commonly asked questions here.

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Who is Sarah?

Sarah is an Ascended Master for the Age of Aquarius, an Ascended Master for our time. Daughter of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, she is Sara-la-Kali – the Patron Saint of the Romani people (but not St. Sarah of the Catholic church!) She holds the blueprint of the New Earth, and is the expression of the Sacred Marriage, the Divine Feminine and Masculine in Oneness – and she steps forward now as our teacher, mentor, sister, guide. Her archetypal energy is that of the alchemical ‘Coniunctio’ – in other words, Sarah INTEGRATES…. our Higher Selves with our Lower Selves, our Divine Feminine with our Divine Masculine, our Dark and our Light and so on. Nothing above or below each other, but everything coming into ONENESS and Divine Fullness. Sarah is here to support us in our process of Embodied Ascension – living our lives on the Earth fully embodying our Sacred Selves

What is Healing with Sarah & the Angels ©?

Just as Sarah is an Ascended Master for our time, so is this healing system! We are ready now, at a much more rapid pace, to download our own blueprint of Divinity, held by our Higher Self, and for it to be woven into our DNA and right down into each and every cell. We are ready! In a healing session with Sarah and the Angels, there are 3 levels of healing you will receive*** First, we are connected up through the Divine Grace of Sarah’s Angels to the Dimensional level where our Higher Selves are – we actually go there with our physical self! Sarah also has her own vibration of violet flame which comes into clear all that which is not in accordance with the Divine Will/ our Higher Self and that specifically pertains to whatever piece of our Divine Plan is being brought in…. In the last stage of the healing session, Sarah herself comes in to weave all of this beautiful Higher energy into Oneness with our Earthly Selves, with all that we are becoming – fully Human and fully Divine!

Who are Sarah’s Angels?

Sarah has her own host of Angels that work with her to carry out the Divine’s will – she has a specific task and function in working with humanity and helping them in co-creating the New Earth. She is supporting us in achieving our next evolutionary stage, and her host of Angels help her to achieve her Divine Function. Sarah’s Angels are the key to this healing system – it is through the form of the Angels that Divine Grace is able to manifest to us during the healing. Sarah’s Angels appear often as a circle of incredibly pure, bright white, lifting us into connection with our Divinity, even whilst being in physical form.

What to expect from a Sarah Healing Session

The Sarah Healing can take place in person or distantly. Although it is wonderful to receive the energies personally, the distant sessions are also wonderful and quite incredible to receive in this way!

You can arrange a time and date, either through via Messenger/email/phone. Please provide your time zone at the time of booking. The Sarah Healer will send a reminder notification to the client on the date healing is scheduled.

You can choose for the healing session to focus on something particular or you can also ask for a general healing session.

Healing can be done remotely, by Zoom, Skype or another mutually convenient method, either with conversation or without (each healer may have their own particular way of working, which they will let you know about.)

One option is the ‘silent’ method, meaning the client and the healer have no spoken communication during the healing session, only prior to and after the session – and this also means you can relax very deeply and listen to your own music. During the healing session, you can sit comfortably or lie down; whatever’s most comfortable for you. Once the healing session’s complete, the Sarah Healer will disconnect from both you and the Sarah energies and let you know that the session has ended – you can both share any experiences or feedback, and the Sarah healer may have some information that they wish to give to you.

Some Sarah healers also work very actively with you via video call, and require your participation in the work. Others may talk to you during the session, but not require very much from you.

Whatever type of session you receive, the energy of Healing with Sarah and her Angels will be infusing all the work…

Sarah’s 3 levels of healing

Part 1 – Sarah’s Angels physically connect you with your Higher Self. Typically, Sarah’s angelic presence can be felt around the crown, head and shoulders parts of the body, and then move to wherever else in the body their healing energies are required. Clients have described seeing white fairy lights, a white mesh or having experienced tingling sensations around these areas, at this stage of the healing.

Part 2 – This involves using Sarah’s Violet Flame. Sarah has her own vibration of the violet flame, an intelligent transmuting energy, that helps dissolve dense and stuck energy and negative re-occurring patterns of behaviour. When Sarah’s aspect of the violet flame is invoked, her angels will set to work at going to the root cause of this denseness and remove as much of it as is possible from the client’s energy field.

What kind of issues might Sarah’s violet flame transmute? The answer is anything negative and prevents people from leading a life filled with joy, that a client is willing to release. Many of us carry old stuck patterns, that don’t fit us or our lives anymore! The violet flame loves clearing away energy patterns like these, and having a good old clear out!! For example, low self-worth, challenges surrounding money, holding negative thoughts, any unhelpful repetitive karmic based situations that keep resurfacing (such as always attracting unsuitable partners) or even alleviating aliments that have an emotional attachment. Sarah’s violet flame can assist with all of these areas and more!

Many clients experience tremendous emotional relief from this part of the healing system, to assist them with forgiveness of self, of others or even a past event that requires emotional detachment and releasing associated hurts and pains, and can go on to find a sense of tremendous inner peace from being able to free themselves from heavy burdens which no longer serve them and releasing them for their highest good.

Part 3 – This is the final part of the healing, carried out by Lady Sarah herself. Sarah weaves all of the light received from your Higher Self down through into all of your energy bodies, your physical body and even into your DNA and each individual cell – and then she grounds it down into the New Earth grid. Her presence can often be felt from underneath the client’s feet at their Earth Star Chakra. When clients close their eyes, they may see Sarah making her presence known through the colour green. Sarah’s presence is very grounding. A significant number of people have reported improved quality of deeper and uninterrupted sleep after a Sarah healing session.


Sarah Healing Testimonials

“I could feel tingling at the back of my head when you started. I started twitching because I could really, really feel that connection to the higher self and my face just started smiling; that’s what happens when I go into a very high vibrational state of meditation. I just smile and smile and it was like that and that was really nice. And then I felt like all this stuff was being pulled out from the back of my heart chakra – I think it must have been the violet flame – all this icky stuff, and that went on for quite a while. And then I felt Sarah come in and that was REALLY nice. I had this feeling of really, really trusting her; feeling really safe and that she really, really knows what she’s doing. It was REALLY peaceful. And then I just got really peaceful and the last bit was really peaceful and I felt some more stuff coming down through the front of my heart and the front of my head and then I could feel you grounding me. It was great. It was really, really great!”

R. Johansen - Denmark

“I guess I have been what would be classed as a heavy (or at least binge) drinker for the past ten or so years. Mainly in company but also sometimes while on my own. Over the last year, my stomach has increased in size and I became worried about my liver. I underwent some liver function tests which came back normal. I do realise that these blood tests don’t indicate levels of scarring to the liver tissue. For a few weeks, I felt sluggish and was suffering from heartburn regularly. My stomach was also even more uncomfortable. So I turned to Louise for some remote healing. I am always up for giving anything a go but what happened to me was just beyond any expectation I could have had. I was given a time and told to relax. I did this as best I could but suddenly I felt a warm glow coming from inside and a tingling sensation seemed to wash over my body. My head became clearer, my stomach lost a lot of its discomfort and my gullet lost its acidity. A very positive experience. I slept like a log that night and ever since have had more energy and a clearer mindset.”

PH United Kingdom

“Like many people at present, I was feeling quite anxious about things generally. This session put me in a sense of true relaxation throughout as I felt as though I was in the hands of an expert in her field. I was so grateful for this as it put me in a frame of mind I was not able to achieve on my own.

I would recommend these sessions to anyone who feels the need to take stock, even if, like me, they have never received such treatment before!”

KN - United Kingdom

This morning I had a session for healing with Louise. I can honestly say it was transformational. In the last month, my mom passed, I got separated from my husband and my daughter has distanced herself from me. In this session, I was able to cry buckets for the first time in a while. It had just been blocked. It was quite a great feeling to let it all out. I had a vision of first one angel approaching me, then another and another until there was a legion of Sarah’s angels around me. They beckoned me to follow them. I was walking behind Sarah and they were around me. I was within a violet flame. When I couldn’t go any further, one of the angels picked me up and carried me. The message was loud and clear. I am never alone and loved beyond measure. I also felt very grounded during the session feeling very connected to the earth. I felt very relaxed and empowered after this healing. I highly recommend a session. Thank you.”

DC - United States

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