Magic and healing from the wisdom tradition of Northern Europe.

Seiðr is a Norse form of shamanism, and this magical tradition has deep roots in the landscape and in the wilder places.

I am undertaking a 2-year training in Sweden as a Seirkone (pronounced say-the ko-ne) & I’m offering sessions at a reduced price until I finish my course. For more information and to book a session, please contact me.

Rachel Goodwin at Seidr Tradition

Readings & Sessions

Activation Sessions

Name Activation Sessions

These are rune sessions activating the power of your name.


Rune Name Session

Soul Map session

These sessions are for doing deep soul work. In the Northern tradition, the soul was considered to have many different parts, such as your hamingja, mod, hugr and nd. In this session, we look at what parts of the soul need balancing, seek guidance and do magical work. You will be given further homework to carry on the deep healing work of your session.

Prescription From The Norns

A prescription from the Norns

Seir is called the art of changing fate. Everything has led up to where you are now, and the power is in the present moment. In this session, we use the runes to focus deeply on one aspect of your life, such as work, or relationships, and through shamanic trance consult with the three Norns, Urr, Verandi and Skuld. They will give a prescription (recommendations) of how you can balance this area of your life, bringing transformational change and healing.

Rune Readings

Rune Readings

The runes are much more than oracular or divinatory tools. They are cosmic doorways that hold transformational medicine. In the reading, the runes will reveal your highest path, and how you can reach it. Half hour 300,00 DKK. (approx. $45, ?30) One hour 500,00 DKK. (approx. $70, ?55)

To book a session or a reading, please contact me.

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The ancient runes are cosmic doorways which can help us on our journey of Ascension. Come and find out more.

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