Rachel channels direct wisdom from spirit and brings in powerful energies that you can use to facilitate real change.

Healing Sessions in Roskildes’s Ascension Grid

These sessions can be done inside or outside, and Rachel will work with the powerful energies of the leylines and sacred springs. The session will align you to the ascension energies and reweave your energy system, facilitating you to expand your energy body to its greatest potential.

You will also receive a vibrational essence of one (or more) of the power places/ springs, so you can carry on receiving the energies for several weeks, to effect the greatest change.


Do you have a question you would like to ask, or need some insight or wisdom about a situation? Rachel will channel a direct answer to your question/s, and use oracle cards or runes to give more details. We look at the ways at which the highest potential can be manifested.

Shamanic Healings

Rachel will journey with you and for you to bring back information, power and healing. After a session, clients usually experience a change in their vibration and energy, and will experience a period of integration whilst the changes take place.

Rachel also works with soul and spirit release, please contact her further for details.

Sarah Ascension Sessions

Sarah is a new Ascended Master teacher for the New Age! As we go through our ascension, Sarah helps support us particularly with our personal, spiritual and evolutionary growth. During your session, Rachel can focus on ascension energywork or on bringing through information and teachings as needed. Sarah’s powerful integrative and catalytic energy re-weaves your energy body, messages from Sarah can give new insight and understanding or even a spiritual practice, helping you to have clarity on your path, and to move forward from a new place of power and vibration. The session can be recorded.

Learn More About Ascended Master Sarah and Roskilde Sacred Springs

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Roskilde is built on holy ground & was once a place of pilgrimage with many people coming to visit the sacred springs for healing & prayer.

Online Training Courses

Join Rachel’s magickal mystery school and take an online course.

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